How To Send Out Demos (2018)

Today I’m giving you a couple of tips that will help you to get a better chance to release your tracks on a label.

Bigger labels so many tracks that A&R managers can’t reply to all emails, but if they liked your tracks they are going to send you an email.

1 .Send The Tracks To Relevant Labels Only

There’s no point of sending a techno track to a deep house label or a house track to a drum and bass label.

2. Find The Demo Emails

Find the demo email or the platform of the label where they want to receive tracks. Before you send your email make sure you also read the demo policy.

3. Personailze Emails

Try to find the A&R manager’s name and adress your message personally. This is a small thing, but it can have a good impact. But never ever hit them up on personal social media accounts. You can put the label’s name into your subject as “Label Name DEMO”.

4. Send Finished Tracks Only

You only want to send finished tracks to a label. This includes mixing and mastering as well. Don’t send bootlegs, mashups, unfinished tracks or unofficial remixes. Keep it as professional as you can. Sending a mixed and mastered track shows the effort you put into it. Make sure you don’t send tracks that you previously put out as a free download.

5. Title Your Files Properly

Put your name in track’s title. Sometimes A&R’s don’t have time to listen tracks as they downloaded. Tracks may be listened in a car or a device and the best ones should be hand picked. Once it’s done the managers contact the artist. Once the artist’s name is lost it’s really hard to find it again.

6. Take care of your links

Send links where A&R’s can listen to the track and download them immadieately. If you have more demos make a playlist. It looks better if you have 1 link than 5 individual links. Name the playlist as “Label Name DEMOS”. (Another personal touch.)

If you send the tracks to more labels make sure you create individual tracks for all labels. This way you can check if the label listened or downloaded your tracks.

It seems wrong to send a playlist that already has 20 plays on it.

7. Let The Tracks Speak For Itself

Keep the talk short. At first label’s are not really interested about your previous achievements. In the end it’s all about your music. If your music is good they will be.

8. Don’t Let Negative Feedback Put You Down

If you don’t receive a reply or the feedback what you expected don’t let it put you down. You can use many download gates to push your track like Hypeddit or The Artist Union.


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