April 23, 2020


01. Leston - Juiced (Original Mix) [Naschkatze Underground]

02. Y2K, bbno$ - Lalala (Leston Remix)

03. Josh Brown - Gargle (VIP)

04. Kyle Watson - Road Trips (VIP)

05. Chris Lawyer -Societé (Original Mix) [Naschkatze Underground]

06. Kyle Watson - The Sample (Original Mix)

07. Luvee & OreeN - Check The Mic (Original Mix) [Naschkatze Underground]

08. Wax Motif - Keep Raving (Original Mix)

09. Kyle Watson - Wurkit (Original Mix)

10. Leston & Sante Cruze - ID

11. Ricci - Give It To Me (Original Mix)

12. Rulf, Najiin, Sifa - Underground Days (Original Mix) [Naschkatze Underground]

13. Crazibiza - Mystery (Leston Re...

November 1, 2018

Today I’m giving you a couple of tips that will help you to get a better chance to release your tracks on a label.

Bigger labels so many tracks that A&R managers can’t reply to all emails, but if they liked your tracks they are going to send you an email.

1 .Send The Tracks To Relevant Labels Only

There’s no point of sending a techno track to a deep house label or a house track to a drum and bass label.

2. Find The Demo Emails

Find the demo email or the platform of the label where they want to receive tracks. Before you send your email make sure you also read the demo policy.

3. Personailze Emails

Try to find the A&R manager’s...

November 1, 2018

In this episode I reproduce a simple version of the drum loop of my latest single "Uncovered" in Ableton Live.

October 4, 2018

You're not a robot. It's OK to make mistakes sometimes on DJ stage. However you should try to avoid all the mistakes what you can. Here are some of my advice for that.

1. Know Your Equipment

As a DJ you have to know the equipment what you play from. There's nothing more disturbing than when you stand in the DJ booth and you're looking for some function or some button and you don't know where to find them. If you don't have the DJ equipment just go to the closest store right next to you speak with the owner speak with the seller most of the times they're ok with it to
let you practice on the DJ equipment. If the first one...

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